The Fish Processing Company of Tobago Limited (FIPCOT)
The Fish Processing Company of Tobago Limited (FIPCOT) Strengthening the fishing market & cultivating skills among local fishermen Learn more

The Fish Processing Company of Tobago Limited (FIPCOT) is a special purpose company of the THA. It has been in operation since 2009 with a mandate to:

  • Increase the quantity and quality of fish available to the local population by engaging in sustainable offshore fishing activities.
  • Provide training in long-line fishing to local fishermen, thereby increasing opportunities available within the fishing industry, as well as adding to the stock of trained and qualified seafarers on the island.
  • Facilitate increased employment opportunities both directly from fishing and fish processing.

The company’s operations have been designed to give special consideration to the local fisher folk, and all its activities are executed to minimize any adverse impact on Tobago’s fishing community. FIPCOT’s goal is to increase available opportunities in the sector and stimulate growth in fishing and fish processing.

FIPCOT’s activities focuses on its commercial fishing vessel – The Capital Paradise I. The ship is a 65-ft custom built long line vessel built in Canada as part of the Castara Commercial Fishing project. This project was executed in collaboration with the Division of Finance and Enterprise Development. The company is managed by a Board of Directors comprising:

  • Curtis Williams (Chairman)
  • Claudette Nero (Deputy Chairman)
  • Kamau Akili
  • Keron Eastman
  • Clarence Jacobs

Key Personnel:

Level I, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex
6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough
Tel: (868) 639-4412 ext. 2307