Communications In furtherance of the Division's objectives the Communication Unit seeks to provide support services for the respective units, the various companies and Boards. Learn more
Press, Speeches, Events, Advertising, Outreach, Promotion

The Communication Unit was established to provide centralized, specialist technical support for division branding, events, website management, stakeholder management, reputation and risk management, crisis communication, corporate advertising, protocol and speechwriting. In furtherance of the Division’s objectives the Communication Unit seeks to provide support services for the respective units, the various companies and Boards.

The Division is required to champion its reputation which translates into strong leadership, good governance, proper fiscal management, and the provision of services that benefit all of Tobago.

The Division’s work is to be communicated through the activities overseen by the Office for the Secretary of Finance and Enterprise Development and Administrator and the outputs of the respective departments within the Division. These are aligned to the CEDP’s Strategic Priority Areas III – Business Development and Entrepreneurship, IV Human Capital Development, Environmental Sustainability.

High priority areas include:

  • Preparing Tobagonians to be competitive in the Tobago space from which to engage the rest of the world
  • Raising the contribution of Tobago to national GDP from the current levels
  • Massive upgrading of the labour force of Tobago
  • Adoption of a special focus on young people to facilitate ease of their entry into the labour market
  • Adoption of performance based systems across the entire structure of the THA
  • Establishment of a Tobago Productivity Council
  • Equipping Tobagonians (especially young people) to become effective entrepreneurs
  • Applying technology in the service of the At-risk and increasing access and penetration

The Communication Unit functions:

  • To provide centralized, co-ordinated support for the DFEDs departments and enterprises
  • To develop and promote the DFED’s brand
  • To implement co-ordinated activities to promote, advance and further the internal and external activities executed by the Division
  • To inform and shape messaging emanating from the Division through crafting of clear consistent messages
  • To facilitate internal communication
  • To support reputation management, crisis communication
  • To promote the Division’s work, increasing visibility and awareness of its services
  • To manage stakeholder relationships

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Contact information

Level 3, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex
6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough
Tel:    (868) 639-4412 – ext. 4404
Fax:   (868) 639-4412 –  ext. 6700