Director of Finance
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The Director of Finance is one of the most senior positions in the Tobago House of Assembly. The incumbent is the Assembly’s advisor on accounting matters and provides support to the Chief Administrator in the execution of his functions as the Accounting Officer of the Assembly. The Director, as custodian of the Assembly’s funds, is responsible for the monitoring of the various bank accounts held by all the Divisions of the Assembly; and also ensures compliance with financial regulations and instructions, rules, circulars and other statutes as are required by the Tobago House of Assembly. Supervisory duties of the Director include the regulation of the Budgets Department, Final Accounts Revenue and Reconciliation Department,the Senior Financial Analyst and Accounts Monitoring Officers of the Division of Finance and Enterprise Development.

Key Personnel

Ms. Patsy James
Secretary to the Director

Level 3, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex
6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough
Tel: (868) 639-4412 – ext. 4201