Fund Management Committee
Fund Management Committee Responsible for the administration of the Enterprise Assistance Fund Learn more
Entrepreneurship, Financing, Oversight, Grants, Loans, Innovation, Creativity

The Fund Management Committee (FMC) was created to administer the Enterprise Assistance Fund (EAF) in June 2003. The Enterprise Assistance Grant Programme (EAGP) was later introduced in 2011. The Committee is appointed for a 6 or 12 month period and reviews all applications for accessing the EAF and EAGP based on established criteria.

The EAF was established by the Tobago House of Assembly in 2003 to promote economic activity in Tobago. The Fund, which is an estimated $27 million facilitates entrepreneurial development through the work of the Business Development Unit (BDU). The staff at the BDU regularly consult and assist entrepreneurs with the development of conventional and innovative business ideas, new products, niche marketing and productivity improvements. This benefits the economy by increasing activity in the small and medium business sector.

This entity is managed by a Board of Directors comprising

  • Collis Hazel (Chairman)
  • Terrence Williams (Deputy Chairman)
  • Giselle Small
  • Desiree Hackett-Murray
  • Mr. Brad Elias

Contact information

FMC Chairman

Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex

6-10 Post Office Street,

Scarborough, 900212

(868) 639-4412 ext. 3107