Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection The Consumer Affairs Unit was established to protect consumers on the island, by ensuring their rights are not infringed. Learn more
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The Consumer Affairs Unit was established to protect the economic interests of the Tobago consumer, by maintaining a fair and competent marketplace; promoting the welfare of consumers through education and arbitration; and, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement between buyer and seller, leading to a safe, fair and productive marketplace.

This mandate is fulfilled through:


When matters are reported from consumers who are dissatisfied with a purchase, an Officer provides advice and/or investigate matters where the item or service may be deemed defective or unfit for the intended use/purpose.


Officers conduct surveys on pertinent consumer related matters. Inspections are undertaken to ensure that prices and commodities are in keeping with legal regulations. Monthly Supermarket Surveys and Quarterly Hardware Price Surveys are completed to compare prices on selected items, in order to identify price consistency and price gouging.


The Unit disseminates relevant consumer information to the public with the aim of developing a body of informed and assertive consumers. Various modes of delivery are employed including social media, printed media, lectures, workshops and quizzes.

Contact Information:

Level 1, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex,
6-10 Post Office Road, Scarborough, 900212, Tobago
Tel:  (868) 639-4412  Ext. 51500 – 51507